5 Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rich in Taste!

There are lots of Indian vegetarian preparations that can suit your tongue.  Make sure you try it, okay?

Indian vegetarian malai kofta
Malai kofta (youtube/sooperchef)

Today there are many diet methods, there are paleo diets, intermittent, vegan, vegetarian, and many other diets.  Vegans and vegetarians are often equated even though they are different.  Vegans only consume plant-based or plant-based food preparations, while vegetarians are also plant-based with the addition of milk and eggs.

As a vegetarian, there are lots of daily menu references that are suitable for you to try, for example, vegetarian preparations from India.  This country, which is known for its food rich in spices, can make your vegetarian diet more appetizing.  Come on, take a peek at the typical Indian vegetarian preparations below!

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1. Shahi Paneer

Indian vegetarian shahi paneer
Shahi paneer (youtube/cookingshooking india)

This typical Indian dish includes processed gravy with a creamy texture.  Shahi itself means royal while paneer is fresh cheese typical of India, so overall shahi paneer is processed royal cheese.

Shahi paneer is made of cheese, nuts, yogurt, onions, and aromatics like saffron, cinnamon, and cloves.

Shahi paneer has two versions of the dish namely the Punjabi and Mughlai versions, the difference between the two is the color of the gravy.  Punjabi shahi paneer is orange or reddish with the addition of tomatoes, while Mughlai shahi paneer is white from yogurt.

2. Malai Kofta

Indian vegetarian malai kofta
Malai kofta (youtube/cooking with rekha)

Still includes processed paneer cheese, and malai kofta served with gravy with a delicious curry flavor.  Kofta is known as processed meatballs from beef and cattle.  However, this malai kofta is made of cheese balls and potatoes which are crispy fried.

Similar to shahi paneer, this malai kofta also has two versions of the soup, namely Mughlai and Punjabi.

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3. Pav Bhaji

Indian vegetarian pav bhaji
Pav bhaji (youtube.com/shan e delhi)

This time, we have pav bhaji, one of the popular Indian street food preparations, which is quite easy to process.  Usually, this pav bhaji is enjoyed with a soft roll as the name suggests pav means to roll, and bhaji means vegetable dish.

Not only suitable for vegetarians, but this pav bhaji is also suitable for those of you who are vegan.  The ingredients are simple, such as potatoes, cauliflower, beans, onions, and spices.

4. Aloo Gobi

Indian vegetarian aloo ghobi
Aloo ghobi (youtube/indian tadka)

Aloo means potato, gobi means cauliflower, so aloo gobi is processed potatoes and cauliflower which can be served in gravy, stir-fried, or fried state.

In a gravy state, aloo gobi is served with curry sauce. If it is fried, the potatoes and cauliflower are made crispy, then seasonings such as spices and chili powder are added. Stir-fried aloo gobi, is usually mixed with onions and herbs.

5. Batata Vada

Indian vegetarian batata vada
Batata vada (youtube/flavours of food)

Finally, there is an Indian snack that comes from Maharashtra, a state in India.  Batata in Marathi means potato and vada mean fried, for this reason, this preparation is also known as aloo vada where aloo also means potato in Indian.

Batata vada can be made by mashing cooked potatoes mixed with spices and herbs and then covering them with a rich, spiced flour mixture.  The frying process uses the deep frying method to produce batata vada which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Not only raw vegetables are processed into salads, Indian dishes which are famous for their spices seem to be able to make your vegetarian menu more colorful, some are in gravy, stir-fried, and even fried.

The vegetarian preparations above are usually enjoyed with rice, rolls, canai, and naan.  Delicious, healthy, and filling enough to be labeled for the vegetarian menu above.  Where have you tried?

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