Qishr, Yemeni Coffee Cherry Tea with Ginger Recipe

The Middle East is one of the producers of herbal drinks that you should try. One of them stands qishr, this drink is made from dry coffee husks with some herbs such as cinnamon and ginger.

Qishr, yemeni cherry coffee tea (cascara/coffe husk tea) and ginger recipe
Illustrastion: qishr (depositphotos/jobrestful)

The dried coffee husks or coffee cherry are commonly known as "cascara" and are included in a type of tea, rather than including processed coffee. Talking about tea from coffee husks, this tea has a lower caffeine content than the caffeine content in coffee beans per unit mass.

This lower caffeine content is perfect for those of you who like caffeinated drinks but have a history of stomach acid. For those of you who want to taste fresh Yemeni qishr tea, you can take a peek at the complete recipe below!

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  •  3 tbsp dry coffee husk (cascara)
  •  1 tsp grated ginger
  •  1 tsp cinnamon powder
  •  1/2 tbsp sugar
  •  250 ml of water
  •  Lemon slices (optional)
  •  Strawberries (optional)
  •  Lychees (optional)

How to make:

Step 1: Brew tea and ginger

Heat the water to a boil then wait about 2-3 minutes before using it so that the water temperature can be reduced and does not damage the nutritional content in the tea later.

Place the cascara into a pitcher with the grated ginger, sugar, and cinnamon powder.  Stir the cascara mixture thoroughly so the flavors blend.

Step 2: Leave it for a while then strain

Wait a few moments before the tea is filtered so that the concentrate in the tea can come out as well as the concentrate on ginger and cinnamon.

Leave the tea for about 2-5 minutes, then strain using a tea strainer.  To make it easier, in the process of brewing and filtering tea, you can use a tea infuser or French press.

Step 3: Add accompaniments then serve

Pour the tea into a glass and then add fruit such as lychees, strawberries, or lemon slices. The addition of fruit will make the tea taste fresher.

Besides fruit, you can add whipped cream, liquid milk, or milk foam which gives it a creamy and savory taste.

Qishr, yemeni cherry coffee tea (cascara/coffe husk tea) and ginger recipe
Illustration: qishr (depositphotos/Alp-Aksoy)

Qishr tea, which is served traditionally or even with the addition of some toppings such as fruit, still makes qishr tea taste fresh because there are additional herbs such as aromatic cinnamon and ginger with a slightly spicy taste.

You can make wish tea as one of your daily tea variants so that your tea procession becomes more enjoyable and not boring.  Qishr tea seems suitable to be enjoyed during the rainy season like now.

Enjoyed with sweet snacks makes qishr tea more enjoyable as a menu to start your day.  However, don't consume too much fish tea because of the caffeine content in it, especially on an empty stomach.  Make wish tea from coffee skin according to your taste, let's try it!

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